Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ireland's Sick.

This week has been significantly less eventful than the past two weeks. Last weekend was a bank holiday, so I had a four day weekend. My flatmate and I decided to hop a plane to Belgium and visit the cities Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Brussels in Belgium. I'm in the process of gathering pictures and writing a post about this weekend. It will appear before this post, so have a look either tomorrow or next week.

Because I had such an exciting and spontaneous weekend, I sort of ran myself ragged. I developed a cough when I got back and today I woke up with a mad fever. I could not picture myself on a two hour commute with this fever and I had no cough or cold medicine. I wrote an email to my supervisors saying I was ill and spent the entire day in bed. Well, not the entire day. I got bored of sleeping around 2 and rearranged all the furniture in the house. I also walked to the chemist and got some sweet medicine. This stuff is amazing, I wish they had it in the states.

This weekend I will be going to Edinburgh. Hopefully, I will feel better in the morning. I don't want to spend another day rearranging furniture and watching Friends DVDs. I mean, I'm in Ireland, i can do that any day at home :)


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