Thursday, July 19, 2007

Save Planned Parenthood

I usually don't get political on blogs, but this issue is seriously pissing me off. I'm on the planned parenthood mailing list, and I keep getting emails about how politicians are trying to shut them down! Since I'm living in another country right now, I cannot contact my representatives to do anything about it, so I thought I'd let some people on this blog know about it. Please, if you care about reproductive rights, read this email that I have copied onto the blog. Thanks, guys. :)

From Planned Parenthood:

The anti-family planning politicians are at it again. Congressman Mike Pence is introducing an amendment that restricts critical family planning funding. We've seen family planning funding restrictions before -- but this one is different. Rep. Pence's amendment specifically calls out Planned Parenthood and seeks to ban Planned Parenthood health centers nationwide from receiving family planning funding.

This amendment isn't just unconscionable, it's unconstitutional. It's an attempt to punish Planned Parenthood for standing up for women's health and rights and justice!

Each year, more than five million women receive comprehensive family planning services at family planning clinics that are funded by Title X. These women are predominantly poor and uninsured -- two-thirds have incomes at or below the federal poverty level. Title X provides a critical safety net for these women, and without it, many women would go without the health care they need and deserve. For many of these women, Planned Parenthood is the only provider they know and trust.

Time and time again, anti-family planning politicians put politics ahead of women's health. It's time to put a stop to these extremist policies. Call your member of Congress NOW and ask him or her to VOTE NO on the Pence Amendment to the Labor-HHS spending bill and to speak on the floor against this attack on Planned Parenthood.

Representative Mike Rogers
(202) 225-4872

Call your Member of Congress now and tell your Representative that it's time to stand up for women's health!

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