Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Visit to a Fairy Tale

Last Friday Sweet Briar took a trip to Versailles. I've been to the chateau a couple times before so that wasn't too exciting, although we did get a personal tour from our art history professor, but I was very excited that I finally got to go to Marie Antoinette's village.

Marie Antoinette was like 15 when she became queen so she was pretty bored with royal life, so she had the royal architect construct a life-sized play village for her where she could go with her courisans to dress up as a peasant, dye sheep to match her outfits, play gambling games, and have affairs with various men.

Here are some pictures from my visit...enjoy!

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Cari said...

I visited her little village too when I was in Paris oh so many years ago. It was rainy and omninous and just had the weirdest feeling about it. Tres cool though.