Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Out of touch...I blame the leap year.

Hello blog readers.

It seems interest in my blog has peaked this past month and I'm happy to say I have considerably more readers than when I was in Dublin. I think most of that is thanks to my mom passing the link on to my relatives, which was a very good move.

I'm also happy to announce that I finally have a good internet connection in my apartment after the very tragic breaking down of my airport card about 9 days ago. It's kinda pathetic how attached to the internet I've become over the years. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off this past week, not understanding how to survive without internet. I don't know what I would have done w/o my blackberry and its tiny little screen to do such painful tasks as checking facebook, reading my usual blogs like Post Secret, and doing research for my cinema class. There's nothing like reading about Antonin Artaud in french on a screen the size of a post-it. Couldn't live w/o it, though!

These past few weeks have been devoted to school work because classes have really gotten going and I finally decided on a schedule after the fiasco of classes being full and my sociolinguistics class being taught in english. But I'm chugging along because after my class tomorrow, I will be free for an entire week for spring break! I will be traveling to Berlin and Prague and I'm so excited. My mom suggested that I look up any Eukels in Prague. I'll let everyone know if I find a long-lost cousin or great-aunt.

With that I leave my faithful blog readers (again) for new adventures in foreign lands. To those expecting postcards and emails...very very soon!



Anonymous said...

hope you're still having fun, lah! i miss you!!

Your Fabulous Singing Mongoose said...

I'm curious about the French people you're meeting. You should write a post about them, a first-hand account of international relations. You could even make it like one of those radio-essays...