Saturday, May 10, 2008

Les Catacombs de Paris

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The Paris Catacombs are closed during the winter months, probably because of more frequent dripping water, so I was very excited when spring rolled around so I could check out this "Must see" parisian attraction. The catacombs are basically an underground network of tunnels that run along the streets on Rive Gauche and are over 60m deep. Marcus and I went exploring them one day, and it was hauntingly cool. It would have been a lot better (for the chill factor) if no other tourists were down there with us and we were just alone with the thousands of sets of bones. I decided one of the worst jobs in the world would be curator of the catacombs...basically sitting in a tunnel in the dark surrounded by skulls and such. Apparently people try to steal the bones a lot, so they have to check your bags at the end.

Here are some pictures!

It was so dark I didn't really get good pictures of the stacks of bones, but you can kinda see them in the first and last pictures.

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