Thursday, March 13, 2008

Berlin Memories

the streets of this town are populated mainly by ghosts of "mistakes" in the past. the only reminders splashed in bright complementary colors on the wall and scattered in charred rubble on the ground surrounded by cigarette butts and doughtnut wrappers.

For spring break last week I went to Berlin and Prague. Our first stop was Berlin; we arrived at 8 am to cold gusts of wind and gray skies. We decided to go on a walking tour to learn more about the city and its landmarks. Here are some pictures from that first day:

The second day it was very cold and rainy. Unfortunately, this is the day that my umbrella decides to explode in the high winds and we are forced to walk around in the rain without protection. We decided because of this to get a pass that would admit us to all the museums in Berlin. After museum hopping the rain had stopped so we decided to explore elsewhere including a chocolate cafe, a square with cool, futuristic buildings, and a mall. That night we tried to explore the Berlin nightlife with little success. We did end up meeting some nice prostitutes on the street, though, who gave us directions. Here are some pictures from the second day:

The last day in Berlin we went to the East Side Gallery, which is a preserved part of the Berlin Wall where artists were commissioned to create murals about peace. It was really cool, but I think this walk along the wall was what finally killed my knee and I've been limping since! Here are some pictures from the last day in Berlin:

After three very long days in Berlin we hopped on a bus to overnight to Prague. Pictures coming very soon!

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