Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Praha, haha.

The second part of my spring break started after a very uncomfortable overnight bus ride that plopped us in the middle of a sleeping Prague at 4:30 in the morning. We found it difficult to even take the subway system because you need coins of their currency to buy the tickets. To say the least, we were pretty much stranded until a 24 hour McDonalds saved us. We ended up going to a bar until 7 am when our hostel opened...a very very bad idea.

The first day was relaxing because it was cold and rainy and we hadn't really slept. We went to the National Museum which ended up being a natural history museum and went out for dinner with Cameron's friend from Prague. Here are some pictures I took on the first day:

The second day of our trip we decided to see some sights, but on account of my broken knee we had to take a bus tour, which is a bit more difficult (and expensive) to do in Prague. We did manage to see some cool sights, however, like the Opera, the Charles Bridge, Saint Wenceslas Square, and the Prague Castle. After the tour, we met with Cameron's friend, Betka, again and she walked with us around Charles Bridge and surrounding areas. We ended the night, like all good nights, in a bar drinking very cheap and very large glasses of beer. Here are some pictures from that second day:

The third day we traveled to Kutna Hora, a medieval town in Bohemia. I'll save those photos for another entry because there are a lot. After being in Prague for three days already, we decided to take it easy and just wander on the fourth day (our last day in Prague and my last day of vacation). Here are some pictures of the last day when we saw things like the old mill and the John Lennon Wall:

There you go! Images of Kutna Hora, more pictures of Paris, and more blog entries in general are coming soon! Cheers.

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