Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sitings at the Louvre

Last weekend my friend Sarah's mom was in town and they were doing a bunch of touristy stuff. I felt like I hadn't taken advantage of the touristy part of Paris so I decided to tag along to the Louvre on Friday. We spent five hours on one floor...that museum is so huge. I took some pictures and here are some for you to enjoy. I'll try to give some commentaries on the pictures because I've gotten some complaints that I don't do that.

Here is a picture of a not famous statue of Venus. I bet it's because she doesn't have arms.

I took this picture because I liked how detailed all the decorations are. I have no idea what it is though, beyond furniture that is.

The Louvre has an entire Egyptian wing and I thought it was very cool. These are some statues of Egyptian gods. There were also really cool mummies, but I didn't get any cool pictures of them because there were school groups crowding those areas.

I think this is a statue of Athena, but I could be wrong.

Instead of taking a pic of the mona lisa, I took a pic of all the people taking a pic of her. the security guard looked at me weird, but I think it's a cool shot.

The coronation of napoleon. He's a badass and crowning himself...not so badass in the years to come when he tries to conquer Russia. What were you thinking, Napoleon? French people don't like cold weather...or vodka.

I loved this painting because the woman in the middle is so badass. Pacifism is way better than fighting naked.

The arch at the louvre with the statue on top that is a replication of the one Napoleon stole from Berlin when he conquered Germany. Germany eventually got it back, so it had to be replaced here. Also, notice the buds on the trees...in the first week of march!

A view of the tuileries from the arch at the Louvre. The Tuileries is a statue garden by the Louvre.

The Louvre and the Arch.

La Seine. At this point we just started walking along the river looking for someplace to eat.

The Porte des Lions at the Louvre.

Pont Neuf, a famous bridge in Paris.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said...

Lah, your pictures are so gorgeous and I love looking at them so much. I can't wait till you get back and we have Ember/Molly time and you can tell me all about them!

Cari said...

J'adore tes photos! En particulier la jaconde (ou la foule qui la regarde). Continue à vivre comme Parisienne! Tu me manques!

Your Fabulous Singing Mongoose said...

I want to go to the Louvre...can I live vicariously through you?

Also...pacifism might be better than fighting naked, but here's a stumper: what about naked pacifism?

Hasib said...

"your fabulous singing mongoose" totally stole my line.