Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Update

Hello blog readers.

I've been out of the internet loop lately because it's spring break and I'm trying to enjoy the time off as much as I can...admittedly a lot of it has been spent watching Heroes. Damn TV shows and their power over me.

Well, I just got rid of Marcus (the bro) after a whirlwind week-tour of france and already I'm revving up for another adventure. Pictures from Marcus' visit will be posted soon, but don't expect any updates (unless I'm incredibly bored) until after Friday because I will be in Switzerland.

I decided to take a "soul searching" journey that can unfortunately only last 4 days. I will be traveling to a couple spots in Switzerland by myself to discover its beauty with nothing to keep me company except my ipod, James Joyce, and Emily Dickinson.

Let the self-actualizing begin.


1 comment:

Your Fabulous Singing Mongoose said...

Bringing an iPod on a soul-searching trip? Doesn't it pollute the karma with its commercial powers?

Er...I mean, happy self-actualizing. :P